Monday, 16 April 2007

Some Days...

Some days don't feel like they have many accomplishments, until you come to write them down...
Yesterday seemed like a waste of time, but I -
Bought and cleaned four nice green aluminium garden chairs (now we can eat at the right height for the table) (from the Dump!);
Put the lid on the gazebo, so we can sit outside under it all Summer;
Made some tiny books and finished, wrapped and priced them;
Fixed a sewing machine and looked at another;
Had lunch with Himself and talked with Cybele, who had brought me a monitor, a sewing machine, and 10 mugs from Freecycle;
Put up the pea nets and planted the peas;
Weeded the lettuce bed;
Cooked supper (salmon, new potatoes, broccoli from the garden);
Did my qigong training (Wudang Sword and Kunlun Twining Hands Bagua);
Read two short stories by China Mieville;
Went to the Car Boot and didn't buy anything...
Sorted the Bead Box;
And some other stuff I won't write down here...;
And so on... Perhaps not such a waste of time after all.

Image is of my workbook and diary, with this year's trees...

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