Thursday, 31 January 2008


Some days you get the feeling that the world runs OK, especially if you don't try too hard. I spent all morning being filmed for short online video how-tos that will be hosted by a chap who does such stuff locally.. He was very professional, and it all went as smoothly as a particularly smooth thing..

Last Monday, I finished quilting a piece I have had layered since November. It was printed (offset and screen) and I was very pleased with it, but sometimes its hard to work on top of a good image. Anyway, I finished it, and decided it needed blocking, so I pinned it out on my big table, spritzed madly, and left it to dry. Tuesday afternoon I have my Beginners and Intermediates class, so I left it there to show them the "blocking" process - none of them has seen this as I can't demo and then leave a blocked quilt, they need the table space to cut out. As they were all coming in and setting up and rattling around, a couple came in looking for the Cafe (which was closed) and fell in love with the piece. Paid me a deposit and came back for it this week. They bought it as a Golden wedding present for themselves. I am utterly chuffed, but I do feel that I would have liked to get to know the piece a little better..

Ah, well, need the money..


  1. They had good taste then! Hopefully they'll be back for more....

  2. The colors are beautiful. They knew they needed to snatch it up before someone else. At least you had the opportunity to live with it before it was quilted.

  3. Das sieht ja aus wie ein neuseeländischer Farn....toll!

    Viele Grüße aus Göttingen, Germany


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