Sunday, 19 April 2009

Catching up and settling down... some work at last.. Not going to show them here yet, as they are for my next exhibition, but I am mightily relieved to have broken the back of the Creativity Monster...

Meanwhile:- a duck has nested in the next-yard but one - she has made a perfect nest from old string and feathers and is happily sitting on 6 beautiful blue eggs. You can just see the string in the picture. And the spring light is illuminating my carpets really nicely..


  1. String and feathers - fantastic! What a resourceful duck.

    Enjoyed reading through your blog today - thanks

  2. i enjoyed watching a nesting swan at the weekend cycling across halvergate marshes. she was fluffing up more downy feathers than i think ive ever seen in a nest, they were blossoming out over the edges.

  3. oh heck, can't i edit? it was ME that was cycling, not the nesting swan!!!


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