Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Day Three

Well, today we wandered.. Went out to lunch and laughed about stuff. Went to see this wonderful gazebo, made from recycled Victorian iron posts and huge oak lumps, about 9 feet high, which I may make a lid for. Also at the site, this astonishing Owl sculpture by Rachael Long, which moves when the gate is opened and closed..And we drank coffee at Wroxham Barns and said hello to the people who have just taken over the quilt shop there (Sew Creative) and are expanding madly into shiny new premises on the other side of the same site.

And then we came home and ate a Nasty Fish Pie (recipe later) and I made some more cards. As this is a Tree Week they mostly have trees on...

I've given up for tonight on trying to arrange these images.. see if you can work out which is which for yourselves..

And there was this wonderful sunset thing and my local trees in front of it. Looked at lots of trees today...

More tomorrow