Friday, 11 March 2011

Week of Trees, Day 5

Well, more progress.. many thanks to all of you for your kind and thoughtful comments on this exercise, by the way, I am touched by how many people have said that this has inspired and encouraged them in their work. I am full-time, professional, expect to be productive (or don't eat), but it can be hard some days to get out of the hoover-first-and-create-later handbag..
Anyway, today's efforts - I finished quilting the Orange piece (still without a name) and blocked it for binding and finishing tomorrow.

I pressed the Green Tiger background again and started to put trees on it.

Hmm, not quite, colours too nice together... (There will be a lot more trees on this, including some dark spotty batik ones), so I tried with a Sun. First attempt was too bright. This is dyed cotton organdie, so it will be a bit translucent when added, I may leave the blocks behind it or cut away for clearer colour.

Then I tried a duller orange, which I think is just about right. I didn't make circles - I think that size and placement is much more important when auditioning fabrics. I have several titles gently swirling towards this one..

I attacked the 25 trees which have been sitting in the box since last May. I rearranged them yesterday (see previous post) and today decided to sew them together in approximate fashion, that is, working with the size and shape they wanted to be. Hooray, it works!

My first instinct on this was to try to sew them together as raggedly as they hung on the design wall, as it was delightful. Technical considerations aside, I think the end product would have been unsaleable, so not this time

Now big enough to need photographing on the floor, and I will layer and start to quilt tomorrow, just need to decide how...