Friday, 14 September 2007

Sun Dancing and All That image for this post, as it has been a most interesting experience, but no photographs were allowed.

Went to Wreningham, in Norfolk, to be a Dog Soldier for the first Norfolk Sun and Moon Dance. Nick Hurn was Chief, and Sammy-Jo Harvey and Cindy Hurn were the Moon Mothers. 10 dancers took part, and about a dozen helpers helped, drummers drummed, and dogs chased sticks....

I feel revitalised, and am amazed to have had such a good time while working so hard. I have been on a sort of sabbatical from life for the last few weeks - no creativity and lots of scut work, and then I went to Hampshire to teach, to my Qigong Instructors' Course in Shropshire, then to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, then back to chaos and a very untidy workshop... I still have to catch up with myself, and have spent all this week playing with dyes and printing. And you should see the place now...

I will be teaching Japanese Bookbinding on Saturday October 6th at my workshop at Raveningham.

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