Tuesday 6 August 2019

Yesterday's Most Peculiar Question

Lady, while standing practically on top of my feet, asks
"I've never been here before. How am I supposed to know you are here?"

Answers? I wish I had one...

And for those of us who love him, here's my Lovely Man looking puzzled

Monday 5 August 2019

Sculpture Trail

Well, we are a little way into the third Sculpture Trail here, with all the usual madnesses of long hours, lots of people (some of whom are exceedingly strange and ask the most peculiar questions) and a goodly selection of nice dogs...

One piece, in the pond, bears a striking resemblance to an abandoned bush. The local wildfowl are sophisticated critics...

I haven't had time to see all of the Trail, but these lovely hares by Christine Baxter are the best part of what I have seen

I'm hoping to see a bit more tomorrow.

Meanwhile, if this floats your metaphorical boat, the Trail (and the Ravenous Cafe, and  mine and Aitchbee's Exhibition in the said Cafe, continues until 8th September, and the Exhibition until 29th September