Monday 30 March 2020

Yet more Home Improvements

I can see that the garden will be splendid indeed by the end of the summer, it's already looking better than it has done for a good few years

Abi's back yard - lovely shadow of the old trellis above my "Cat Fish" sculpture

Hanging baskets - I will have to grow my own this summer, maybe I can revive the geraniums sufficiently

These pretty violas are "Mystical Pineapple Crush" - I could not resist

The herb garden pots are coming along - one or two did not survive the winter, but the rest seem to be OK if watered now and then

And I bought a new blade for the bow saw (actually, two sorts for different woods) - luxury!

I have needed this a lot - heating has finally been fixed and the house is warming up - this afternoon it was so delicious I went back to bed for two hours...

Thursday 26 March 2020

Stove, in

Pictures in no particular order...
Up-a-ladder by myself, because, well, there seems to be a shortage of other people in my house.. The worst bit (after cutting the big hole in the roof, with a power jigsaw, on top of a not-firm ladder, was the endless up-and-down to find the next tool, rescue the bag of screws, etc.all of which would have been so much ameliorated by even the most slow, disabled, or silly helper. Cat, sadly, is below all those levels..  The bucketfull of kindling, nicely symbolic, was the first lighting from the roof out-cut.
And then she decided that the summer-house with heat was not acceptable, until last night, when (as it was absolutely freezing) she deigned to come and join me for a while...

It's a refuge, a bolt-hole, a space not quite full of Stuff, and we loved to spend our time out here all summer, meals, reading, peace and quiet. Now it's just me, the house is still freezing (no oil yet) and I'm so pleased to be able to put the kettle on and sit with my computer.. Might even get some work done, who knows?

Sunday 1 March 2020

Out and Somewhat About

Look - a stove in boxes!

What luxury.. And fabulous helpful and swift service from The Windy Smithy, in Devon

Meanwhile, in the rain, a spider made of umbrella bones

And my camera has rediscovered the art of accidental imagery - such graphic boldness!