Tuesday 19 April 2022

Long Weekend, and a Smart New Car

Say hello to Mariame - my new motor. She's a Goddess (Citroen DS3) and quite the cleanest and smartest car I've ever owned.. And John's little pensions will pay her finance nicely, which is good.

Long weekend - Easter usually annoys me with its proliferation of Bank Holidays but this year I was so glad to have a few days in the garden (which is looking much better for the attention) and to spend a deal of time in the fresh air... I had to put out two chairs, as otherwise the cat moaned fretfully
And I said goodbye to my mid-life crisis car, my lovely Suzuki Grand Vitara, nice to drive; a mobile skip; always willing; carrier of sewing-machines and firewood and sick people; dented and a bit scruffy and sadly thirsty - but she was always a pleasure to drive and always felt like a properly grown-up (and very tall) car... Sadly, the DVLA managed to fail to make her mine when we bought her, so I have been driving some-one else's car for four years.. I did wonder why she always had to be re-registered for tax each year; shame they don't have a system for asking if you "own" the car you drive, tax, MOT and insure... This knocked a chunk off her sale price, but as she's the first car I've ever managed to actually sell rather than scrap, not such a disaster...
So, I came out of the house on Sunday ready to drive the Great She-Elephant to her new home, only to find that my compost heap was burning merrily... Seems the previous day's burning-of-brash was not quite as cold as I thought when I tipped the ash, and the back edges of the bin were entirely consumed.. Oh, well, needed a new one anyway, now I have no excuse

And this week's Pink Moon was inspirational - I need to spend more time with my Full Moons series
Evening off, though, as I'm as flat as a Proverbial Pancake and need to sit in front of a fire and snooze...