Friday 25 February 2022

Cotton Club Show

Here we are - actually out and trading and talking to quilters!

Having had a fantastically busy and productive couple of weeks (a deadline is a most wonderful incentive) we have arrived at the Wickham Market School for the Cotton Club Show - tomorrow (Saturday, 10 till 4) and Sunday (10 till 2) - do come and play

Wickham Market Primary School,
Dallinghoo Road, Wickham Market,
Suffolk. IP13 0RP

Amazing raffle
Cafe and group quilts

Quilts below  with descriptions, only a few of a great show

Val's stall...
Other traders, but I didn't manage to photograph everything...

And please do come, there are bargains...


Wednesday 2 February 2022

February! Lots Happening

Firstly, Happy New Year - Tiger Years are auspicious for those who care about and help others. And my Ragtime Improv Block of the Month launched yesterday

This is one of my Sample Quilts from this - click the image to read more (and sign up?)
Then, I need to post my OCPs* for February, as I have been less-than-prompt with these lately
Perfect fit!
And, how can she sleep like this?

And here's my good friend and co-conspirator Aitchbee at our birthday-breakfast-for-John on 25th January. A good fry-up was had by all...
Not gloomy, just full of sausage...

And, not least, I finally have an appointment with the hand surgeon this afternoon, having waited since November 2019. The last time I came there, John was still alive and I had hopes of a positive result.. Maybe today will be better...

*OCP = Obligatory Cat Post