Saturday 21 November 2020

Late Autumn Light

 This evening, almost at sunset, this most glorious light



and Peaceful Pussycat (snoring gently~)

Thursday 19 November 2020

Curses of a New Computer

 Almost £2750

Nice enough, shiny and Loads of Capacity, (a Terabyte of memory!) but new versions of software are needed, there are loads of idiotic pre-sets.  It had poor transfer of information and Applications, and Oh! Why does the new BBedit have text in white on black? How stupid? I'm not a 15-year-old gamer nor am I willing to accept the Hipster Vibe thing.

And my beloved Photoshop doesn't work!!!

New version, almost £100. I got robbed first for a download by a stupid re-seller with no manners, had to buy a new version on a disc (which involves finding the external hard drive, adding a connector, waiting, waiting, Grrrrr)

I had not thought about it, but I probably make 500 images a week with Photoshop, and the process is easy and intuitive after 30 years of working with the programme. I just hope the latest version looks and feels like the older ones, will accept my pre-sets, and will not cause bald patches

Meanwhile, some photos processed before the grand move


Late wing

Octopus and moon

Exploded Light



Death of Literacy

Bless Tesco, they do try...