Wednesday 31 March 2021

Burning Time

Lots of garden waste has accumulated and I have two incinerators (although, you will note, the left-hand one is almost burned through), so I spent a merry and rathe sweaty dusk hour stuffing dried vegetation into each in turn... Jolly satisfying
House glows delightfully as I walk back up the garden...

As does the sky
My Brexit Fail List is growing
No lettuce and very limited salads in the supermarket, and very little fresh fruit apart from grapes (I would have thought grapes were all imported, but as I don't eat them (too sugary) I find it hard to care)
Prescription drugs are in erratic supply - my Metformin has been several different brands each time; this latest collection had three different brands (and I know the pharmacist, who likes me, was as obliging as possible)
Garden centre has big holes - some plants in good supply, some almost impossible to find. My local nursery has been unable to source some seeds and there will be fewer vegetable plant varieties. I can't find the seed potatoes I want anywhere.
And the garden furniture is disappearing fast. Luckily I have my garden chairs and have been  sitting on them with my lunch for the last few days - sadly I think it will be too cold tomorrow.
Vitamins are almost impossible to get, and the shelves are almost empty.. When I see the ones I want I have to admit to buying extra...
Fresh flowers are limited in choice too. I like daffodils, but these had sold out on Monday and there was almost nothing else to buy . The potted bulbs had all gone too...


Saturday 13 March 2021

Little Helper


And her favourite resting place, half-way up the stairs

Sunday 7 March 2021

Out and About...

 ...but not very far, sigh...

Still looking downwards, though, here's the new Roadkill images

Blue Rope and Yellow Lines

Can you see what it is? (Post-snow)

Making a Spectacle

and Compost! (Surprisingly gory...)
Also, indoors, my OCP for February, a little late. Cat in relaxed mode...

And the whatisit? A sweatshirt, well-compressed