Thursday 24 June 2021

A Summer Voyage Around My Garden

Birds a-plenty, including at least two young woodpeckers

Collared doves

House plants are out getting fresh air and exercise, while the windowsills get an airing


Lady blackbird and chaffinch

Marguerites self-seeded by the washing-line lawn



Geraniums and honeysuckle

Another jay

Assorted tits

Poppies again

Hose-plant holiday camp

Collared dove and male blackbird



More assorted birds

Pink roses and self-seeded poppies by the woodshed
All is green, exuberant, and smells so nice...
Not shown (but maybe later) the freshly-mown lawns and strimmed edges, new (wonky) burning-waste bin, vegetables and soft fruits...


Sunday 6 June 2021

Cranky Afternoon and a Half-Cut Lawn

Fettling cranks - dirty work but I seem to have to do it more and more these days. Lovely sunshine all day, and I managed to cut about 30 buckets of lawn, then fell gently over having got...

...this far...
Cat approves
...but prefers the longer stuff....