Saturday 6 July 2013

Durham Quilt Weekend; part the second

 A veritable Hive of Industry
 Measuring to make sure it's not too big
 Adding to the forest
Choosing sashings
Phew, such work, such enthusiasm..

Friday 5 July 2013

Durham Quilt Weekend 2013

 Here I am in Durham (England) at the Region 15E Quilt weekend.. I'm in jolly good company, with Sheena Norquay and Lillian Hedley also teaching.. I have a big class of enthusiasts from all corners of the UK, and including the President of the Quilter's Guild!
 The classroom is fantastic, very big and airy, and with huge tables for all..
 So the first session was after supper, and all made Pieced Trees with a deal of enjoyment.. Some made two (and some made bushes too)
 And here is Today's Cute Owl..
At the Kirkleatham Owl Centre
Well worth a visit..

More tomorrow