Friday 21 February 2014

This month's OCP

Cat likes rainbows..

Wednesday 5 February 2014

John is home..

Cat awaiting her master

After waiting 7 hours at the hospital, and both of us finally stomping off without his drugs, John got home at 8pm on Monday.. To say I am disgusted with the complete bollocks we were fed by the ward is an understatement of the first order.. They promised and promised that we would have the discharge stuff for two hours after it was patently obvious that it wasn't going to happen; then would not arrange to have them available for another 48 hours.. I'm going to make an official complaint..
And of course, none of the drugs or the dosages  have been explained, and we don't actually think most of them are needed.. Some appear to have been added in to the set without ever being given in the hospital setting..This stupid habit of treating people as though their brains have been removed while in medical care is unbelievably offensive..

I've had it with this "I'm medical and clever, you're  ill, therefore moronic and stupid".  I won't have it any more..

John will need lots of care, and the external nurses seem fantastic.. I'm almost too tired to do any more..