Sunday 30 June 2024

More Little Pleasures

 Been working too hard, but these help...



Mochi with garden fruit

Cheery cherries

Charming cats 

More charming cats (that is, made from 5 inch charm squares)

And raspberry and lemon Bundt cake, GF and utterly delicious...

Friday 14 June 2024

Little Pleasures of Life

 A phrase John and I used frequently, and a new series, with the idea of finding a little more delight in a sometimes rather tiresome daily round

I tipped the barrow over so it would not fill with rain. Ants, ever-resourceful, made use of the cover
While cutting the grass (and, incidentally, recovering my errant keys, this lovely feather, about 2 inches long, was given
And, fresh from the garden, raspberries and strawberries for my pudding
Woodpecker, peckish
And another small project finished, quilted, bound, and tbh, better than I thought I could do...

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Tin for Ten

10 inches square, horrid sparkly fabric and light blue supplied by the Modern Group, all improv outer blocks in Oakshott
Another job just about done...


Tuesday 11 June 2024

Little, and Large(r)

Tall Trees - Silk miniature for FOQ
Wee kittens - scissors for scale... All free-cut and improv-pieced
And the top is assembled for my "Trad Jazz" new pattern, also going to FOQ...


Saturday 25 May 2024

Rain, Food Festival, and Gothy Bunts

 Not a nice day, steady down-the-neck rain all morning. I went to the Food Festival nevertheless, and bought blue food

Passion Fruit and Mango marshmallow bar...

This one was dark chocolate wih three layers of assorted fillings inside, and was a "taster"
Oh, yes...

Then there's this wonderful floofiness of elderflower, growing out of a derelict wall

And I finally sewed this together, it has been languishing awhile. Ready for layering
Gothy Bunts..
Detail - fabrics donated by my late great friend Kate, plus lots of dark Oakshott offcuts..

Friday 5 April 2024

If there's shelf, or a box, or a pile of firewood in heaven...

Then Humbug will be purring there
Rest in peace little one


Thursday 4 April 2024

Stockroom revamp, part one

Four sets of these delightful drawers, to ease my poor back
Abi will help on Saturday, I suspect a whirlwind will pass through...


Monday 25 March 2024

Six of one, and one of many

Little Foundation Paper Pieced versions of the Jen Kingwell Wensleydale blocks, making almost no impression on the scrap basket. I'm sooooo slow with one hand not quite working. Improving slowly...
And a possible first block for the quilt I'm making as a pair with HB, this has a title (Ten Thousand Things) but, so far, not much progress apart from a lot of picking-of-fabric (one of the best bits..)


Friday 22 March 2024

Small recoverings

Not easy...


Thursday 14 March 2024



Although I note that, unlike last time, they are not offering three appointments with graduated and slowly more easy-to-move-in splints, just this one and a universal wrap-around type (which I already own). I'm supposed to wear this one for a month. I suspect I will not be doing that full-time. They were impressed that I could remember the physio exercises...

Second cataract tomorrow, then I plan to sleep all weekend...