Friday, 1 July 2022

As Promised, More Productivity

 Well, it rained, somewhat, and I didn't get out to pick these till today

Wee marrow
So far, 5 baskets of cherries and two of gooseberries - I think I am almost half-way with the cherries. All need picking over, processing, and freezing, but this is a whole winter's worth of Mad Jam Lady in the making
And while it was raining, I made an altar. House and I needed this...
In my sewing room, on the old mantlepiece

And, this is my 600th post on this blog. Must do better...

Wednesday, 29 June 2022


 Look what the garden gave me!

Tonight, cherries and gooseberries!

Friday, 24 June 2022


 Cat Yoga and Pilates

Child's Pose

Shivasana (Corpse Pose)

Meditation in Daisy Place
Circle Pose

Sunday, 19 June 2022

Astounding Evening Light

Last night's thunderstorms cleared the air so nicely, and the garden is happy for the rain. This evening, the light was just amazing


Saturday, 18 June 2022

To the Beach

 because it was unbearably hot and sticky. First Light Festival was setting up, so, not terribly peaceful, but I dipped my toes in the sea and walked along the edge. 


Straw man

Garden delights

And Sky Dancer

Monday, 23 May 2022

Fingers and Thumb...

 ...are all numb.. A trapeziectomy, removal of a small arthritic and very painful bone...

Two weeks of bandage and no driving, then stitches out... If this is at all succesful, I get the other side done later..

Meantime, totally numb from the shoulder down, which is Most Curious

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Faces everywhere

I was asked to be a "model patient" for first-year doctors-in-training - interesting, not least because one out of the three was engaged, interested, good at follow-up, and pleasant, one was bossy and disinterested, and one so cowed by the second that she dared not speak... I think I know which one I would sign up with as a GP...
And, an Accidental Face in the room, just love the quiff!


Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Long Weekend, and a Smart New Car

Say hello to Mariame - my new motor. She's a Goddess (Citroen DS3) and quite the cleanest and smartest car I've ever owned.. And John's little pensions will pay her finance nicely, which is good.

Long weekend - Easter usually annoys me with its proliferation of Bank Holidays but this year I was so glad to have a few days in the garden (which is looking much better for the attention) and to spend a deal of time in the fresh air... I had to put out two chairs, as otherwise the cat moaned fretfully
And I said goodbye to my mid-life crisis car, my lovely Suzuki Grand Vitara, nice to drive; a mobile skip; always willing; carrier of sewing-machines and firewood and sick people; dented and a bit scruffy and sadly thirsty - but she was always a pleasure to drive and always felt like a properly grown-up (and very tall) car... Sadly, the DVLA managed to fail to make her mine when we bought her, so I have been driving some-one else's car for four years.. I did wonder why she always had to be re-registered for tax each year; shame they don't have a system for asking if you "own" the car you drive, tax, MOT and insure... This knocked a chunk off her sale price, but as she's the first car I've ever managed to actually sell rather than scrap, not such a disaster...
So, I came out of the house on Sunday ready to drive the Great She-Elephant to her new home, only to find that my compost heap was burning merrily... Seems the previous day's burning-of-brash was not quite as cold as I thought when I tipped the ash, and the back edges of the bin were entirely consumed.. Oh, well, needed a new one anyway, now I have no excuse

And this week's Pink Moon was inspirational - I need to spend more time with my Full Moons series
Evening off, though, as I'm as flat as a Proverbial Pancake and need to sit in front of a fire and snooze...

Sunday, 6 March 2022

Spring, in the air

and the birds are getting fresh...

I walked to the workshop on Friday, as it was sunny and lovely, and (as well as the lovely lot of firewood laying about) I spotted this little tableau...


Friday, 25 February 2022

Cotton Club Show

Here we are - actually out and trading and talking to quilters!

Having had a fantastically busy and productive couple of weeks (a deadline is a most wonderful incentive) we have arrived at the Wickham Market School for the Cotton Club Show - tomorrow (Saturday, 10 till 4) and Sunday (10 till 2) - do come and play

Wickham Market Primary School,
Dallinghoo Road, Wickham Market,
Suffolk. IP13 0RP

Amazing raffle
Cafe and group quilts

Quilts below  with descriptions, only a few of a great show

Val's stall...
Other traders, but I didn't manage to photograph everything...

And please do come, there are bargains...