Saturday 2 March 2024

Roadkill Time

 From the Ongoing Series

Unidentified Flying Vegetables - One

Unidentified Flying Vegetables - Two (Possibly sweet-potatoes)
Fingers crossed, perhaps that it won't rain too much more
And a beautifully arranged orange sock, with paper accent, at Tesco...

Sunday 25 February 2024

Self-care, Parts 1, 2, 3...

Left arm - Wish I had better veins - my cannulas (cannulae?) failed assiduously, and I only just made it with four, through my three days-and-two-nights at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital... The staff, particularly the night nurses, were astounding, the food was seriously inedible (fish pie entirely devoid of fish, and with slimy carrots) and I was very very glad to get home. Op on Monday, 5 hours in theatre as my spine was full of little broken bits of bone and I'm marginally osteoporotic, so all had to be very gently rebuilt. I have a cage in front of L5/S1 (go on, look it up) and HUGE screws. I have seen the x-rays and I'm impressed.
Right elbow. My one reasonably good blood-draw vein... Treasure Hunt? Or Mystery Tour...
Chin got scraped, this is itchy but healing. They spent a deal of time inspecting my back, too. I won't show the first pressure bandage, although I was altogether decently clad while wearing it...
Feeling old. Oxygen, catheters, drips... I do like the electric beds, though...
Saturday night, subtle and beautiful moonrise of the full-moon variety, and ice, and frost, and gentle trees...
Here again
Sunday, I feel, for the first time, not absolutely feeble, and apart from a serious lack of heating oil (it ran out while I was in the hospital and they absolutely can't do a quick fill, back tomorrow) and having to sit by the fire (not so dusty; I have lots of firewood, and people to carry it)
Tomorrow I get to go shopping and choose some tempting food, puddings, fruit, and a Cappuchino!

And, why was the noisy, demanding, miserable, did-I-say-noisy? woman left on a ward when the one who didn't want to be alone was put in a private room...?


Friday 29 December 2023

Superb Full Moon and Frosty Sky

Contemplating Next Year's Word...


Wednesday 20 December 2023

More Cattishness, or I Bought This For Me, Don't You Know...?

This irresistably tactile bath-mat, too nice to put on the floor. Cat has noticed it's placement on the socks-on-box and has appropriated...


Wednesday 6 December 2023

Sometimes one just needs a spotty spot

Or a suitable-sized box
A perfect coffee

Or a moment, a perfect alignment of cloud and hedge...


Wednesday 25 October 2023

There's a Moon In My Coffee...


Lacking a Basket To Sleep In

 One Must Make Do

Now, I was going to vacuum the floor, maybe later...

Saturday 16 September 2023


 Part one

Damson. Tomorrow - gooseberry!

And Relaxation

Friday 15 September 2023

Rainbow Gothiness


Crossing points blocks, part one