Thursday 31 January 2008


Some days you get the feeling that the world runs OK, especially if you don't try too hard. I spent all morning being filmed for short online video how-tos that will be hosted by a chap who does such stuff locally.. He was very professional, and it all went as smoothly as a particularly smooth thing..

Last Monday, I finished quilting a piece I have had layered since November. It was printed (offset and screen) and I was very pleased with it, but sometimes its hard to work on top of a good image. Anyway, I finished it, and decided it needed blocking, so I pinned it out on my big table, spritzed madly, and left it to dry. Tuesday afternoon I have my Beginners and Intermediates class, so I left it there to show them the "blocking" process - none of them has seen this as I can't demo and then leave a blocked quilt, they need the table space to cut out. As they were all coming in and setting up and rattling around, a couple came in looking for the Cafe (which was closed) and fell in love with the piece. Paid me a deposit and came back for it this week. They bought it as a Golden wedding present for themselves. I am utterly chuffed, but I do feel that I would have liked to get to know the piece a little better..

Ah, well, need the money..

Tuesday 22 January 2008

Further to the Postcard Thing

I spend more time than is healthy on Old Sewing Machines - note the capital letters, as they are Important... And I belong to Treadleon
a group of Old Sewing Machine Collectors and Users

And there has been a big conversation about all that thread that gets left on old bobbins, and wound on top of with the next colour, and how some people just can't bear to throw it away...

Personally, I unwind it all and junk it - the underneath layers are compressed to uselessness and the outer layers can have only a few feet - the record is 38 colours on one bobbin.

I made the postcards from Old Sewing Machine Fabric, unwound threads, and net. First two OSM users to ask, can have....

Thursday 17 January 2008

Posting Postcards

Well, this morning I am sending out 8 of the cards in the post below. I have already had one in exchange - from America...
Taught postcards yesterday afternoon - then came home and made a couple more. I am on a roll with cream and textures, having sorted out the boxes of fabric I find I have 5 full boxes of cream and a box of scraps... Oh, joy! Cards in the image (one on the left is not finished, needs buttons and beads) will be for sale..

(Added 8th April 2012.  Please see more recent posts for lots more postcards)

Friday 11 January 2008


I made a piece (in black, white and pink, for an online challenge) ...(link here)...
which I was not keen on. I gave it to another artist, who put it in a dyebath and made it very orange, and stitched some more, then gave it back. And I stitched a bit more and then I hung it up. And I still didn't like it.. So, as part of my New Year ohgodwhatdoidowiththis annual chuckout festival, I cut it up and made postcards. Now I quite like these.. If you fall in love with one, send your address and I'll send it to you...
If you like, you can send one back...

Thursday 10 January 2008

Teaching schedule..

I have made a programme for the first quarter, and I am hoping to do much more teaching at the workshop this year..

Sunday 27th January 1 till 4:30
Patchwork Purses £15-00
Easy patchwork and quilting techniques to make a pretty purse in a choice of styles...

Sunday 3rd February 1 till 4:30
Absolute Beginners £15-00
An introduction to basic sewing machine techniques and troubleshooting; you don’t have to fear your machine. You will make a cushion and take it home ready to use...

Tuesday 12th February 11 till 4
Spiral Quilt £25-00
Foundation piecing and invisible machine appliqué combine to make this impressive quilt. Suitable for beginners..See image above...

Saturday 23rd February 11 till 4
Japanese Bookbinding £30-00
Make two delightful and useful Japanese-bound books with your sewing machine.. No glues! Price includes paper and boards for the books.

Friday 7th March 11 till 4
Play With Dyes Day £30-00
Procion dyes, screen-printing, and transfer dyes. Make your fabric sing with colour... Not for complete beginners

To book any of the above,
please ring Helen on 01508 548137, or email
Workshops held at 4, The Raveningham Centre, Beccles Road, Raveningham, Norfolk NR14 6NU

6 trees

Six pieces of 12 by 10 inches. I like this slightly odd size - these were made for my exhibition in November 2007. Oh and hello again, sorry for the long break. Life, you know...

Actually I have been finding it hard to motivate where the computer and my websites are concerned. Too damned tired and it's cold up here. Must try harder...