Thursday 30 January 2020

My table...

...has become a garden

and the butterflies are out, when the frost melts

and the cat is insisting on joining in

that iron is on...

Saturday 18 January 2020

Home Improvements...

I'm having a really hard time "owning" my house. So many things are where they are because that's where they've been.  The plate cupboard had all sorts of not-much-used things at the front, and all the little plates at the back. I use little plates a lot. Hmmm. And why did we have three graters? Probably because we were not good at throwing the damned things out when a new one arrived..

The big teapot made me awfully sad.  In the last few weeks of John's life I made pot after pot after pot of tea, then watched him leave the cup till cold, then reject the cold tea. At which point I would make another pot.

I make a pot, drink one cup, throw 5 away...
Or use a teabag. I detest teabags
So, a Home Improvement

Little pot, new tray. It makes a cup-and-a-half and I can take the whole lot where I am going to work

And' almost but not quite Spring. On the dining table, it will be sooner than outside
Another Home Improvement

The last is not photogenic, but it is making me feel lighter. Endless paper burned - I do not see why I should keep house electricity bills from 2009...