Tuesday 27 November 2012

Roadkill Spiral and Alienz

 Roadkill Spiral
 New Series - Alienz 1
and Alienz 2

Friday 23 November 2012

Angel's Wings

This was my Art Quilt entry for Festival of Quilts in Birmingham UK this year.  It is called Angel's Wings, and it is made from two layers of cheap polyester voile, enclosing bits of the same, curtain lace, Lutradur, and the like.  Yes. it's a quilt, having three layes joined by stitch.  And it's see-through; almost completely unfinished (dangly threads, raw edges, sleeve is the top bit sewn together with a raw edge at the top);
and I free-motion quilted it with feathery shapes with the tension cranked up as high as I could get it to make the whole thing crinkly.. Then I hung it up and hacked the edges off with scissors, much to the amazement of a watching friend..
I was rather hoping it would get poor notes, and I was really expecting criticism of the roughness..
And I was rather unhappy that my transparent, translucent, see-through "double-sided" quilt was hung against a black drape in a darkish corner, but hey..
And the judges loved it..
And both said, wistfully, "shame it wasn't hung in the open"
Ah, well, win some..
I'll have to try harder next time..

Monday 12 November 2012

More roadkill

 Nine of Hearts
 Blue and Yellow
Pumpkin Top

Friday 9 November 2012

Roadkill and Kindness

Walking home yesterday, sunny and nice but I was soooo tired.. This was in the middle of the road.  Too heavy for me to lift, and I was looking at it and directing traffic around it.  A big car with a trailer pulled up and a young man, rather scruffy, jumps out, carefully asks if it's OK, then puts the tyre on the verge for me.. Nice man...
And he let me take a picture first..
Picked blackberries, probably the last for the year, and a big punnet of sloes for my gin-making friend.
Then I went to sleep all afternoon..
This recovery stuff is exhausting..