Tuesday 22 September 2015

And some more...

 Roofline, Dundee
 Penguins, Dundee
 Lacy Hat, Dundee
 Fountain, Clevedon. Grade 2 listed!
 Fireplace in the Hotel-with-no-towels, Cinderford
 Dundee cathedral door - sadly, the building was closed, as God was not in
 On the other hand, Desperate Dan was full of cow pie
and this beautiful chair was in Cinderford

Sunday 20 September 2015

More walkabout pictures...

...in no particular order
 Dundee Dragon
 and eagle
 and fish
 This wee mermaid was nesting under an arch on the beach at Clevedon
 Dundee museum floor
 and lettering
 Sqirl.., also Dundee
Stanchion and seaweed at Clevedon...

Thursday 17 September 2015


Tebay Services, on the M6 near Kendal. The ducks can touch their beaks to the window as you eat.  You can't quite see it, but a red deer was eating the vegetation here too...