Monday 30 December 2013

Light in The Darkness

 Yesterday was gloriously sunny and cold.. I got so much work done, sometimes that happens
Here's the shadow of the Jasmine by my door
And here the ripples on my table through a basket
I made
4 kites
3 flags
6 purses
3-1/2 book covers
Some patchwork in two projects
Did the washing-up twice
Several web-pages
Long email conversation about a new website transfer (60+ emails)
Took and processed about 100 photos for the web
Several cups of tea and coffee
A bag for my camera tripod
Sheet corners to make a flat sheet fitted
and a shopping list in a pear tree
Oh, and half-watched a terribly film on the TV
And slept well

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Supermarket Rainbow

 All photographed within about 3 minutes after I spotted these astonishing pomegranites

Blue is a bit tricky..

Monday 2 December 2013

OCP* for December

*Obligatory Cat Post (without which one's blog is removed with tweezers)
Both warm (above the radiator) and amused (looking out of the window)
What more can a cat require?

Tuesday 26 November 2013

What Is It About Hats?

Sad Hat 2, in the rain

Friday 15 November 2013

More from Wednesday's Beach Walk

and Steel
Oh, delightful..

Thursday 14 November 2013

Yesterday, on the beach at Sea Palling, Norfolk

In the sunshine, I noticed many remnants of ropes, on the rocks, and on the sand
 and Furtive
More tomorrow

Sunday 10 November 2013

Sunday Evening

The greenhouse has been cleaned out this week, and the geraniums put to bed for the Winter
Cat approves
This post is brought to you by Obligatory Cat Posts Unlimited, a small company of great power and influence

Meanwhile, Heather and I have been conspiring for a new group, Broadland Art Textiles, see right.. If you are relatively local and fancy joining, see the "Join This Group" page on that blog..

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Thursday 31 October 2013

Thursday Night

 Another of my Accidental Faces Series - and yes, it's upside down. Interesting how the brain is attuned to the basic face idea
And this one is From The Wall, and Shadows, and Blue

Wednesday 30 October 2013


My hand still isn't healed.. I'm feeling cross and weak and viciously frustrated, but I have been working, after a fashion.. I can't afford not to, as the money will run out pretty soon.
Did a craft Fair.. Oh, yes, now I remember why I don't do these.. All day, well-meaning enquiries about the hand and  "Oh, not healed yet?" And few sales and those small.. Oh, yes, that's why..
And I belong to a group called Fast Friday Fabric Challenge which proposes a theme each month and allows a week to make a quilt on that theme.. This (above) took 20 minutes.  I then spent an hour trying to access the blog to upload it.. Bloody Google insists that I must get a code from my mobile phone to allow access, and I can't give a number.. I'm not thirteen, don't live to text, just want to show my work on a forum I belong too.. I don't know why I bother.. Actually, I think I won't any more.. Not amusing enough..

ETA.. Thanks Tobi, you've sorted and solved and I will leave you my stash in my will..

Friday 25 October 2013

French things

 Birds on a Wire
and Chequered Log
at the French hotel on the way back from Holland..

Thursday 17 October 2013

At OEQC Veldhoven

 Apologies, I photographed a lot of these before the show was properly hung, so no tickets.. I'll try to add names tomorrow, and there will be more images
 This was by Maia Chaimovich, and is part of a big display of stunning quilts by her
 This one I can't ID, sorry.. Lovely colours
 Nor this, but here's a detail

 This is Berlin Bear, by Marjan van der Heijden from Eindhoven (next door!).  It's beautifully made..

 This one was on the floor, one of a series of delicious small-block quilts
This is Skyline, by Claudia Scheja from Werne in Germany, and is Best In Show.. It's gorgeous

More tomorrow

Sunday 13 October 2013

Demolished - Post Office Privatisation?

I've been exchanging hand-made postcards for many years, pretty much at random - I find one on the mat and send one back by return.. I have a boxfull, some of which have been gently modified by the post office in passing.. Never one quite like this, though (note, I have scuffed the return address deliberately in Photoshop..)
I'm sending one back, hope it arrives cleaner than this..

Saturday 12 October 2013

Quilters Guild Region 9 Area Day

Quilters’ Guild Norfolk Area Day

Well, it may have been raining outside, but at Fleggburgh Village Hall all was sunny inside.. Forty quilters of all ages and stages had a sociable and satisfying day at the Norfolk Quilters’ Guild Area Day

We started with tea, and Star Blocks, and there was much puzzling over and sorting-out of the kits cut by Heather Hasthorpe.. Each had three carefully-selected fabrics in ready-cut pieces, and an instruction sheet.. By lunchtime, there were a whole set of delightful Star Blocks, each a little different from the last

After soups and sandwiches, we reconvened for a little hand-stitching.. Helen  Howes’ colourful hand-dyed wool pieces, with multicoloured threads, beads, buttons and bits, made brooches as individual as the makers..
The afternoon was only interrupted by lashings of cake and more tea, a seriously good raffle, and the Competition winner (Sewing Sundries) which was a very close-run vote, as the entries were so excellent..

Our trader (Rob, from Sew and Sos in Bungay) was busy most of the day, and several biggish piles of fabric went home for next month’s projects

And the Guild has gained a new member, so that’s a result, too..

Heather and I are planning another Area Day in the spring, with a Contemporary Quilt theme..