Tuesday 18 April 2023

Duck and Duckettes

 I came round the corner into my lane, and here I found a mother duck with a gaggle of little duckettes. Had to herd them gently with the car and take photos once I was in the car park...

I hadn't seen a nest...

Roadkill series - time for some new ones...

Oily Feather
Fingers Crossed
and Cheerios


Sunday 9 April 2023

Cat Getting Old

 She sleeps in the sun, quite happy, but has a tendency to make little puddles when she has her not-infrequent fits

Appetite still good, but back legs unreliable... Feels familiar...

Meanwhile, my Japanes silks from kimono rejects are ghostly in the sunshine
And, cleaning out the bird feeders, I found this little garden thriving where the seeds have got damp
New Hat number 1