Friday 31 August 2012

More roadkill


Thursday 30 August 2012

Out and About

There's a mouse under here, I'm sure of it
Today's obligatory Blog Cat Image
I also have some delicious images from my Roadkill Series, but Naughty Blogger will not play

Later, later

Thursday 16 August 2012

At The Festival of Quilts..

..with Oakshott Fabrics again.. This will be our last Festival for at least two years, as we both need a break next year..
The stand looks lovely (H25, at the back of the main hall, if you're coming) and is all new projects - we decided that was a good idea at the start of the year, and the presentations are all either brand new, or have only been seen in Holland in May this year..
And we had a very busy day, with lots of old and new faces all round.. Unlike last year, we haven't got the big double stand with all the bolts of fabric round the back, so it's very peaceful..
Here until Monday, and more images tomorrow, but here's a glimpse of my Miniature Quilts entry "Fair Copse"  All silk, with improv trees and really leafy quilting
And my Pictorial entry "Beyond the Harbour Wall", which is mostly Oakshott fabrics, with a bit of screen-printed and hand-dyed of my own.. Not a good image,as it has black bindings and is hung against a black background, but this is in three parts
Sleep well, more tomorrow...