Sunday 18 June 2017

Bird Year

Sometimes this just happens. From the blackbird banging his head on the inside of the greenhouse, (and his lady friend teasing the cat); the baby bluetit who sat on my hand and would not leave, the red kites and the buzzards and the kestrels and the harriers, everywhere, and the young pink-headed swallow in the workshop... And the nightingale I can hear every evening in the garden, cuckoos in Scotland, swallows, all the usual little birds on the feeders; the partridge dancing on the summerhouse roof...

And this arrived today, from Pat Cave, who was at one of my Trees workshops in Lincolnshire this year
And, yes, it has birds, too.

Lying in bed the other morning, we saw a young woodpecker and its parent bird, feeding on top of the telegraph pole opposite the house

Bird Summer, indeed...

Friday 9 June 2017

Adoorable, part the second

Like life, a little frayed at the edges

Saturday 3 June 2017