Saturday 4 April 2020


Spring, time for male birds everywhere to preen, show off, and attack any passing rivals.
Sadly, my little blackbird whose territory is the car park has discovered another male in my car's mirror.. He is exhausting himself and covering my car in shit...

I had to wash part of the car (I'm not a fan of washing vehicles, apart from windows) and wrap the mirror in a carrier bag..

Poor sad instinctive-driven beastie
On the other hand, the boy pheasant who lives in the front garden has gathered his little harem, taught them how to jump up onto the rat-proofing below the bird-feeders, and is looking after them right well

And I have goldfinches nesting in the bay tree in the front garden, one of John's favourite things

Thursday 2 April 2020

Sometimes... just can't get the staff to do anything useful...