Monday 31 October 2022

Mini Spiral, as promised

For Wolfie
9-1/2 by 9 inches
Oakshott Fabrics


Sunday 16 October 2022

Well, that went less-than-well

ETA, lost my car for 11 weeks in total. Brexit!

Car exploded on the motorway. Ouch. And the cost will be a double-ouch. I did play my little-old-lady-disabled-and-alone card to good effect and got brought home by the nice man from the AA...

Currently running around in Abi's little diesel Citroen, which is just enough like mine and just enough unlike mine to be disconcerting.. And it's a boy... Sigh

Cat is enjoying a little Autumn sun

However, that's the compost bin. Every now and again the lid tips her neatly into the contents, at which point she pointedly sulks...
Getting a little on top of the garden - the grass grew enough to cut finally, and I've been sorting hedges and cutting out brambles and weeding and such
And teaching - having not taught Spiral Quilt for about 7 years, three times in the last fortnight... Makes sorting samples easy
Here's one I made recently, I'll put the mini up soon