Thursday 21 October 2021

17 and 18, almost home

 I got to Malvern last night after a long day's drive through much of South Wales, too many motorways, and a fair sprinkling of teeny steep lanes without turn-around places...

And the campsite had "paid internet" and, despite a very good phone signal, blocked free access. Grrr

So, day 17 was a bit like this

Leaf colour at Pengraig
Early sunshine, the morning was delightful after a long wet night
Another angle
And big mushrooms!
Layby berries
Malvern Hills
and leaves by my motorhome

Lovely trees...

 On the other hand, when this was described as a "blueberry muffin" they really didn't feel the need to offer any multiples...

Day 18 was a bit more relaxed.. In no particular order

Lake with Flamingoes

The previous customer...
My £35 worth seems modest

At Bramble Patch I found this lovely beauty

Still a treadle, sadly not being used

By the lake in late sun

Don't like heights. This was huge
A rabble
And a member of same. I had a coffee by the lake then have retired for a peaceful evening with my radio and some hand-sewing.. I will be home tomorrow, and do not plan to blog this journey further unless I see something fascinating on the way..

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday 20 October 2021

Day 16 - We had some sad news

 An old friend died on Monday night, after a lifetime (and a not-short-lifetime too) with a serious heart condition. I didn't feel like photography. She was an astonishing photographer, I'll try to find some examples later. 

Today (Wednesday) I'm heading back into England - I think I will be home on Friday evening, and I expect my little cat will be happy to see me...

Monday 18 October 2021

Day 15. Rain mostly, and I'm tired

 I was in sitting-down-and-sewing (and listening to a book) mood, so I spent much of the day in the wagon making quilt blocks, rewiring sewing-machine pedals, sorting stuff...

Old barns - the one on the left is showers and a sauna, very civilised
Penstemon still flowering well by the house
Use-to-be-a-yurt-base, now a flower-pot working area
Work table - computer, sewing-machine, tea, and biscuits...

Sunday 17 October 2021

Is it really Day 14?

 Dog walking in the fine rain; fixing sewing machines; supper; dog time; dog tired...

Old barn
Jet in the lane
Distant view
Original croft
Sides of the lane are as steep as walls
And have mushroom for mushrooms
And a big stick!

Saturday 16 October 2021

Day 13 - Housework and Rest, Many Ws

Much of today was House Admin, also called Doing The Ws - Washing, Water, Waste Disposal, Washing Up, and then we (Lizzie and me and the hounds) had a most delightful dinner of sausages and cauliflower cheese and plum crumble, and now I'm going to rest with my book, digest, and go to bed

I sorted my new fabrics and the old sewing-machine parts, and put stuff away under the bed, emptied the toilet and filled the water, wiped the floor, did the dishes, and had a rest...
Inside the Big Wagon, stove lit, dinner on, peaceful
And this lovely moonlight as I walked back to Big Bumble, almost too full to move...

Friday 15 October 2021

Day 12, sitting in the sun

 ...reading a book and waiting for a sewing-machine customer, who has gone off with her "new" 99k

And gently pottering about looking at lots of little gardens, odd corners, and nice details of this complicated and rather (very) eccentric community

Megan showing off
Demolish and grow
Odd gardens everywhere
Including inside the Garden Shed
A glare...
Peacefully snoring
Roll of chicken-wire
Hart's Tongue fern on the smoke-house wall
And sunset.
Washing done, dinner eaten, time for bed

Day 11

...was a slog. I spent a good deal of the day shouting at the sat-knave as it kept wanting me to drive up tiny twisty roads when there was a perfectly good main road, and getting steadily more and more thirsty, as North Wales has caravan sites but almost no cafes. I did find a decent lunch near Bala, but by the time I got here last night I was only fit for lots of tea and lying down. So here's a few things, I hope for more today, but I'm really tired...

Caravanner follies
I stopped in a little village for more fabric
From Plas Farm. Lovely site, horrid roads
From Plas Farm
Abakan second breakfast
On the road
On the road. I spent half the day pulling over to let people past. Not always grateful, some people!
Look closely...
Colour study at the farm shop