Sunday, 11 September 2011

Paris, City of Wrought Iron and Overwrought traders...

Actually, it's pretty much OK, apart from my French falling over after about 6:30 pm as I get tired..
I'm at the Aiguille En Fete Version Pro in Paris, with Mike from Oakshott Fabrics.

We are having a reasonably good time, and the Aparthotel is fab, with a little kitchen and a huge bathroom in my apartment; big French windows onto a small balcony, and wonderfully grumpy staff..
View from my window...

Joined today by Ann-Carol Lemaire, from L'Atelier Du Patchwork in Sens, France.  A fount of good sense and bearer of Macarons Sans Calories (see above).  I would not have learned all my new vocabulary without her estimable help and good sense. Blog linked, but be warned - it's in French!
Then we met again with Ada Honders - from the OEQC show in Holland - quite the best show I have been to.  Highly recommended... And Ada gave me a Green Treat

Twenty Fat Quarters... I smell a Tree Piece approaching..
Here's what I've been fiddling with - small crochet pieces to make Spool Pin Cosies
More images tomorrow, but here are some Wrought Irons, as promised

Bonne Nuit...