Monday, 9 April 2012

Monday's Card, front and back

I've been experimenting with the Sparkle Punch Quilt pattern, (see the Oh Fransson link on the right), adding my own take on scrappiness and colours - the originals are mostly one-colour/one fabric stars.. Mine have 9 in each colour.. Good for using-up scraps..
Monday's postcard is smaller versions of the blocks (these finish at 2 inches square) and I found this selvedge (I don't usually "do" selvedges) to add to the back, from the last piece I cut for the quilt I'm making..
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Not a great photo of the quilt, sorry, but this is it so far - the columns have been stitched but not the rows.. Looking at it led me to think that an oblong starting block would be interesting.
I'm not sure if this is the middle of a practical quilt or a wall piece.. As it's not my pattern, it's not saleable, of course..
Ah, well, back to the ironing..
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