Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Busy and Shivering

 This is one of my current projects, a 12 Trees in Black-and-White Oakshott fabrics.. The sashings were a puzzle that I had to headscratch a little to solve.  Layered and Ready To Quilt but I don't quite know how, yet.. I will make a version of the pattern for this.. It's about 50 inches high, and the grey stripes are the back..
And this is Venus Trees, (or possibly another title), layered and part-quilted today.  A lot of slightly odd and a bit random 6-1/2 inch blocks arranged into big nine-patches, overlaid with trees (actually, more trees, as some of the blocks are already treeish) then assembled and (so far) quilted on the block joins, and about half-way through diagonally on all the blocks.. Then there might be circles.. Or something else.. I'm pleased with this one..

It's for Holland in May.. I just hope I can get thawed out before then.. It's utterly, bitterly, freezing here, and I can't get warm.. I have so many clothes on that I'm unwilling to pee, and my hands are hurting..
Roll On Spring!