Tuesday, 14 May 2013

As Promised

 My Veldhoven quilts.  This is Blanc.  When I went to Paris with Michael Oakshott, our booth at the Aguille En Fete Pro show was lined with nice white cotton fabric.  And at the end the pieces were being discarded, so I gather this one and took it home.. Quilt has about 4 metres of fabric, all exactly one sort, made into traditional and modern blocks, chenille, raw-edge and turned applique, and 3d pieces..
And it looks wonderful with the light through it..
 This is Burning Bright.  I made this originally for the Loch Lomond Quilt Show 2011,  fantastically fast because my venue had been changed six weeks before the event and all my part-made work had to be laid aside and replaced.. And it has gone to live in Strasbourg, which is very pleasing..
 Green Copse.  This is number four of an Improvised Tree series from which I have derived a most successful new class
 This and the quilt below had the most encouraging and possibly the most unexpected reaction of all my show quilts.  These (Sunset Hedges 2, above and 3, below) are whole-cloth.  Cotton fabric treated with a mordant to accept dyes is used as a table-cover as I work with colour, print and dyes, and also as I teach.  After each session the cloth is dried and folded, and eventually becomes a slightly accidental masterpiece.. I use each big piece for a year or so, then drop the remains of the dyes from the day onto the piece and wash it out.. The resulting cloth has almost no end of uses.. These have been printed and over-printed with my Hedges stencil as screen-prints, and stitched/quilted by machine and hand..
Almost everyone who saw the exhibit was drawn to these and they got very nice comments and lots of questions
More tomorrow..