Monday, 13 May 2013

On the way home

A long drive..
 I stopped in Belgium, at a shopping mall near Antwerp.  If I did not live so happily where I am, I think I could live in Belgium.. it seems just the right sort of slightly eccentric country, friendly and a bit scruffy..
The shopping mall in Weinegem, is huge and extremely classy, with leather and diamond shops alongside a cheapie book shop and assorted cafes
This baby shop window was decorated delightfully with these filled frames of toys
A spectacular spectacle shop..
This gents' outfitters had a wall of ties, and a little man making alterations in the front (I didn't think it polite to take his picture, but he had a lovely old machine and an overlocker, hot iron, and a box of threads..

The end of one hall was being renovated - this hoarding covered the works
 Further along, I stopped for lunch.. This is Belgian motorway services food
 and even the rather unpleasing Eurotunnel terminal had this chicken salad for me..
 Last view of France, this staircase - as the train draws away I am sorry to leave

Tomorrow, the quilts I took with me, and one that did not return