Sunday, 5 May 2013

Veldhoven, Sunday

 Well, I'm please with this show altogether.  I sold a lot of small stuff and a Big Quilt (more on that tomorrow) and got a lot of nice comments..
And the free-hanging quilts are interesting - see above for light coming through from the "wrong" side
 My Trees 9 from the back.. Needs a better title, I think
 The estimable and wonderfully skilled Barbara Chainey  is here (follow the link to her blog with more Veldhoven news) and this delicious sample adorned her demo table
 Quite hard to photo, but I adore the spirals..
 And the leaves
These two quilts are from an astonishing collection by Colette Berends from The Netherlands.  They are quite unlike any quilts I have ever seen - very good drawing, extremely vivid and glittering colours, and these big fabric frames.. The above is Carlo En Ricardo, below is Foret Bleu. They are mostly the sort of size you expect paintings to be..

 This piece is by my charming and extremely Parisian neighbour in the hall, Ina Georgeta Statescu.  She was teaching next door to me on Thursday, and her quilts are exquisite, but hard to photograph as they are so subtle..

My evening was perfected by a completely undisturbed swimming-pool which I had to myself, and a very good dinner..

More tomorrow