Wednesday, 30 October 2013


My hand still isn't healed.. I'm feeling cross and weak and viciously frustrated, but I have been working, after a fashion.. I can't afford not to, as the money will run out pretty soon.
Did a craft Fair.. Oh, yes, now I remember why I don't do these.. All day, well-meaning enquiries about the hand and  "Oh, not healed yet?" And few sales and those small.. Oh, yes, that's why..
And I belong to a group called Fast Friday Fabric Challenge which proposes a theme each month and allows a week to make a quilt on that theme.. This (above) took 20 minutes.  I then spent an hour trying to access the blog to upload it.. Bloody Google insists that I must get a code from my mobile phone to allow access, and I can't give a number.. I'm not thirteen, don't live to text, just want to show my work on a forum I belong too.. I don't know why I bother.. Actually, I think I won't any more.. Not amusing enough..

ETA.. Thanks Tobi, you've sorted and solved and I will leave you my stash in my will..