Wednesday, 11 November 2015

West Country Quilt Show with the Modern Quilt Group

 So far, so good.. The Challenge Quilts look fantastic, and so many different  takes on a simple idea (the Equilateral Triangle and its offspring, the Diamond and the Hexagon.)
 Heather, Lucy Poloniecka and I had a deal of fun sorting these into groups of three... Kate Percival, our Exhibitions Officer, joins us tomorrow
 ..and hanging them with the help of two stalwart standers-on-ladders-with-screwdrivers...
 We have more quilts than walls, of course, even though we seem to have an awful lot of wall
 Heather arranges her table - note the Old Black Singer - we have brought two, so no fighting
 Nearly there...
I wish my camera did Panoramic - this is not all of it

More tomorrow, and please do come
We're at the University of Western England, Bristol till Saturday evening...
Details here