Thursday, 27 October 2016

Winter approaches

Shadow of Ivy

Saturday, 15 October 2016

More thoughts on America - the Ubiquitous Flag

Everywhere I went in America's Mid-West, there were flags.. This bunch were some kind of memorial to fallen soldiers, on the road to Lake City

These lovely drapes appeared almost everywhere, inside and out

On the Wisconsin River ferry

And the border with Iowa

And on lamp-posts in Lake City..
Almost every house has one.. They are completely unselfconscious and express a sense of place that is most interesting to me - I find (particularly this year) that the sense of place here is both defensive and rather small-minded in so many ways..

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Eagles, squirrels (grey and black) pelicans, gullfeet...

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Frog, and Bear

This is where I've been staying...
and I'm in Mr Frog's House, a small room with a very big bath.. Exceedingly comfortable

And the four-course breakfasts are an Art Form in themselves..

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Lake City, and Lake Pepin

Lake Pepin is a sort of wider place in an exceeding wide river, the Mississippi.. After sundry sewing-machine mends, shuttle-finds, and little walks for lunch
Past this nice bit of carved stone

We had a trip out on the lake on the rear-paddle steamer Pearl Of The Lake

A couple of hours of delightful warm sunsetting-and-chatting,

with pelicans

Bald eagles

Slightly sinister silhouetted men

and lots of sailboats in the marina

To say almost nothing of gulls, mainly above us...

Friday, 16 September 2016

Gallivanting - Part the Second, or Third, or Something..

By gum, I have done a lot of miles this year, most of them yesterday...
Off to America, to attend the River Rat TOGA (Treadleon Gathering and Academy) in Lake City, Minnesota... My bag is laden with samples and shuttles.

Norwich to Schipol, by little plane. Norwich airport is a very unphotogenic place, so I didn't.. Photo, that is.. And at Schipol, I was faced with the interesting task of explaining to a Dutch customs official that I was going to the USA to talk about, and play with, old sewing machines.. While he patently thought I was cracked, I did get the requisite blue sticker on my passport, and they let me on the big plane to Detroit.

Which was fantastically boring, for the most part (the plane, that is).  Almost everyone sat with the window shades down, reading their magazines and watching little films.. Like vampires..
At 20 minute intervals, we were fed, watered, and coffeed, until I was utterly stuffed.. the lunch was surprisingly good, though, and I did get to do a deal of work on various webpages..

And Detroit was a great airport.. Coffee, free power-sockets, wifi, and chess

You could drop Beccles into the airport anywhere and not discommode the planes.. They sure do things big over here.. I walked miles around the barriers, got fingerprinted, photographed, inspected, selected, and definitely not rejected.. The airport is so big you have to take a tram to your section for the gates, and the alphabetical list of flights ran over 5 big screens.  And I pulled visitor rank a little, got a window seat, and we flew, in glorious sunshine to Milwaukee


Over the edge of Lake Michigan

And more Edge of Michigan
Milwaukee airport is full of art

I think the truck was art..
A good night, supper on the road to Madison, WI;

(I didn't eat the pie...)
and my hosts, Bill and Marcia Holman, were (and are) charming.. We sat over breakfast this morning in the sun-deck-room of their lovely house, watching birds.. I saw a hummingbird, blue jay, woodpeckers, much more.. I think this is a tree creeper

and on the road today I saw eagles, sand hill cranes, amazing barns, scenery in plenty, and much more
More tomorrow, with pictures

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Off again...

Flying to Milwaukee tomorrow. 14 hours travelling, not so good; going further than I have ever done before: priceless!
Meanwhile, here's some roadkill from my ongoing series..

I'll have my camera with me...

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Happy, but exhausted


from the Festival of Quilts, which was fun-but-tiring, and still sorting paperwork.. Aaaargh! I detest little bits of paper, which means that I am cruel to them, throwing them roughly into the bottom of my big bag and getting them all sweaty and crumpled

Just a couple of images, more later
Above, my Modern Sampler.. Apparently this was "Unsuitable for category" (Modern)
And below, Mel (co-ordinator) and Bridget (newsletter) from Region 9 leave the NEC with the last few Purses

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Well, that was a long way...

We went to Germany, to Dance and Moon-mother
Watched over by wolves in Belgium (and well-fed)

Then built the Arbour

Ate lunch with frogs

Admired the tenacity of weeds

Sheltered from the rain

and parked by the School of Magic (Dunkerque Branch)

All to honour the Work, the Buffaloes, and the World

1326 miles, on two tanks of diesel and rather a lot of chocolate...