Friday, 11 January 2008


I made a piece (in black, white and pink, for an online challenge) ...(link here)...
which I was not keen on. I gave it to another artist, who put it in a dyebath and made it very orange, and stitched some more, then gave it back. And I stitched a bit more and then I hung it up. And I still didn't like it.. So, as part of my New Year ohgodwhatdoidowiththis annual chuckout festival, I cut it up and made postcards. Now I quite like these.. If you fall in love with one, send your address and I'll send it to you...
If you like, you can send one back...


  1. oh yum, yes please!

    - caroline

  2. I also will pleased to exchange a card!


  3. fantastic example of 'I will not be beaten by this'! I'd love one please, but happy to pick it up sometime.

  4. Thank you for the card, Helen. I will return the favour

  5. A great idea gone wild. I love the circle one. Thanks.

  6. These came out great! I have never made postcards...maybe I need to find some time to try a few out.


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