Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Further to the Postcard Thing

I spend more time than is healthy on Old Sewing Machines - note the capital letters, as they are Important... And I belong to Treadleon
a group of Old Sewing Machine Collectors and Users

And there has been a big conversation about all that thread that gets left on old bobbins, and wound on top of with the next colour, and how some people just can't bear to throw it away...

Personally, I unwind it all and junk it - the underneath layers are compressed to uselessness and the outer layers can have only a few feet - the record is 38 colours on one bobbin.

I made the postcards from Old Sewing Machine Fabric, unwound threads, and net. First two OSM users to ask, can have....


  1. I like these postcards. Kind of like a Rorschach test.. every time I look I can see different things.

  2. The other postcard will be long gone, Helen, so I just want to say: Very attractive! I have always been fascinated by things that tell a 'story', and somewhere in all the very large boxes I had to have shipped to the UK after my mother died is her sewing box (looks like nothing got thrown away in over 80 years) and a sewing machine of a brand that I have never heard of. Can't wait to investigate when time allows. I always love to see what you have been up to, Helen, because there are always surprises around every corner.



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