Friday, 3 May 2013

Veldhoven Day Three

In no order again..
I'm too mean to pay for quick internet
Apple Tree Moon
 This one (above) nearly didn't make it.  A sticky fingermark while the quilt was being quilted led to a Washing Moment.  I tried to rinse; no joy and a yellow ring, so the whole thing went into the washing machine with it's raw edges sticking out.. And came out clean but utterly covered in tiny bits of batting (note to self - Use The Overlocker!)  Finished en route in the hotel and looking pretty much OK,  Phew!
 Backs of two quilts.. I tend to calico, for reasons of cheapness and reliability (IKEA, very good stuff), but I've been trying to Use It Up..  The pale  green I have had for at least 25 years.. Only 36 inches wide, so pieced with leftover blocks from the front.. The red is an ikat weave which shrank over 25% and ran for 10 washes, but is beautifully soft and slightly heavier than quilt weight, so nice to sew..
 My neighbour is Yemima Lavan from Israel.. Most of my photos (done in a hurry) failed, but this is Rust Bitter Sweet - screen printed, pieced, rusted, Shrinked and utterly wonderful
 Detail of the same
 This is huge.. Made by a Swiss group, I think, of Berne? I must check.. It's abot 5 metres high and hangs incredibly well.. The blocks were all made by different members of the group
 Detail again
 Contemplation of the Art
 Cream Trees 9, with Very Poor Hanging Stick.  Calico
 Yemima ironing at the last minute..
 My Little Trees on a chair.. Hit of the stand at stupidly low prices.  One very charming old Dutch lady told me very shyly that her name was "Boom" (tree)
 Left side of my quilts.. From the left, Blue Blaze 2, Blue Blaze 1, Indigo Trees, Enchanted Forest, Green Venus, Fair Copse 3, Blue and Red, Apple Tree Moon, Twelve Trees Again
 Right side:- Rusty Trees, CreamTrees 7, 8 9, Sunset Hedges 2 and 3, Fair Copse 2, Green Copse, Burning Bright, Blanc
 Yemima Lavan's "A Passion To Dance"
 and her "Pathways of Fabric" lots of stuffed triangles..
 My Rusty Trees
 On the other side of me, an exhibit about France.  All about 1 metre square
This is Sedative Lavandula by Anneliese Friedan
 Detail - nice 3d Lavenders
 Souvenirs De Provence, by Rahel Machler and Silvia Shubiger
And finally Wald Bei Fontainbleau by Laura Stauffer
This is my 250th post on this blog..
More tomorrow..