Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Veldhoven Part 1

 Well, so far, so splendid.. Last night's Travelodge was hidden down a back lane marked "No Entry" and was fusty, but cheap.. Here I am at the NH Konigshof which is one of the better places I have stayed in my travels.. I have had a small sleep, a swim, and supper, and I'm happy.. My quilts are being hung by tall pretty Dutch ladies, and I have a bookbinding class tomorrow..
The grounds are delightful, wooded and not at all formal.. Blackbird above was exploring next to my car and not offended by the camera.

 Lily Of The Valley springs up and post wears down

The journey down was marked by the most astounding trees, all misty and multi-coloured with new Spring growth.. Unfortunately, Belgian and Dutch motorways have very few stopping-places in the woods, so no pictures.
 The corridors have already some quilts hanging.. This is
Dochters Van Het Licht by Ellen Siemer
 And this is Rit Mein Blues by the same artist.  The wonderful intensity of the colour is hard to capture, and the hand-stitching is fabulous, see details below

 Finally, a Shadow on the floor in a deserted corridor.. So nice to see the sunlight..
More tomorrow and all through the Show