Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Transformation - a good time of year for it..

Sometimes I make work for the "wrong" reasons - I think this piece was one such. I was asked to submit a piece for a Contemporary Quilt Group exhibit at the FOQ in 2005, theme to be "Primary Colours"

Red, Yellow, Blue? Right? Apparently not.
Whole experience was moderately unpleasant; directions hard to follow; not happy with the quilt; was shown in a tiny booth with lots of unlabelled quilts and no space to look at them: not my idea of a good time.
And the quilt had to be mounted on a frame, which to my mind makes it both more and rather less than a quilt. It later went to the Loch Lomond Show (where the display was much better, but still not what I want to see for my work)

So it went in the drawer, and I ignored it steadfastly for a bit. Then this New Year's big turn-out unearthed it again, so I took a good long look, and scrapped it....

The background was acrylic painted, repainted, brushed with gold acrylic from a sponge brush, and cut, edged with cord, manipulated, and made into the first bowl above. The second bowl is made from the front piece and also manipulated, but not painted. Original work below. I'm much more pleased with these...

Original piece was 12 inches square...

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