Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday is Indigo and Aching Legs

So, Indigo.  I have a box of Japanese fabrics with quite a lot of indigo-dyed stuff, and this delicious lacquerish red which goes with it so well.  The bottom panel is a wierd fabric which I suspect is either silk or horsehair, and has a most beautiful delicate print. The dragonflies seemed to go with it, and the green panel will have some hand-stitch.  Pins, as it is layered but not quilted yet.
I layered a lot of half-made pieces from earlier parts of the week.

Then I made this one, with more indigo and rust. After I had sewn down the right-hand tree, I found this little bird perched perfectly in the branches
Then this one.  This is the first piece I have made all week that I really don't like.  Might get scrapped, but I'll wait awhile in case inspiration, or a rotary cutter, strikes.  The central fabric is Names of Fishes in Japanese.  It actually looks better on screen than in life..
And this one, which is Not Indigo, but was hanging around making me feel faintly guilty.  Screen-prints on a piece of fabric which I had used to clean out a paint-jar.  I'm not sure the inner border is defined enough, but it may be OK when quilted.  The outer border I really like.

I'm really tired and I hurt a lot.. Slow evening, maybe a quiet week