Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Yellow is Difficult..

Here's the Yellow Box.. As you can see it's not very yellow.  It's quite hard to find good yellow fabrics and monochrome is not always succesful in this part of the spectrum.. So I started the day with a couple of cushions that I started last week, in seriously Provencal blue-and-yellow
So far, so good.  I packed some patterns that I made yesterday, with yellow covers, as it happens

One of my best sellers.  Note the strapping-tape packed with the pattern.. Small things like this make a big difference - this stuff is easy to find but impossible to describe.. Given a sample everyone goes "Oh, that stuff!.."

Then today's lunch had Eggs (and salmon, but that's the Wrong Colour, so Not Shown)

I made this tree from a Screen-printed piece and this delightful stripey yellow-and-white that has been in the box for years.  As an aside, I notice that some of my fabrics have been with me for a long time.  It's an interesting game, working out the quilts that have a Long Stash Accumulation Period, and those which have obviously been "bought for" all in one go.  Many of my younger students have no working stash, so they buy each project as a complete entity, make it, and have little in the way of leftovers.  I have been buying fabrics for almost 50 years, and I have a huge amount.  This makes weeks like this one possible without too much forward planning, as I can just get the boxes out.  I haven't used anything that wasn't in the workshop this week. 

Anyway, I have taken a whole series of process photographs for this and plan to put up a proper How To in a couple of days on my website.. Watch this space..
Then I worked on this piece for most of the afternoon. I don't usually do Work In Progress photos, because I find them less than useful, but this one was a useful lesson in poverty of contrast.  At the stage above, I hung it up, took one look, and dived back into the box for some Darks, as it was Boooring..
Much better... Detail below, showing the last tree, which is translucent hand-dyed gridded fabric.  I haven't decided whether to trim out the ground fabric under this tree yet.. The effect of the underneath fabrics is quite nice, but the overall effect may be better without..

Tomorrow is Green and should be easier all round