Sunday, 26 February 2012

Roadkill 3, Tattered Strap

I have long been fascinated by the accidental detritus of the road.  As a cyclist, I look down more than as a motorist, to preserve my tyres and my position (preferably upright, thanks).  For a long time I had a massively flattened, bent, and samurai-swordish bicycle pump hanging on my wall.  Other treats have included a whole white sliced loaf (almost a whole street's-worth), a frozen chicken, and many an odd shoe... The local dustbin men drop big sinister red rubber gloves all the time, but I have resisted collecting them..
This little piece of strap had fallen from a supermarket-trolley.  I don't know what the security guys by the door made of my photographing it, but I got some seriously old-fashioned looks..