Sunday, 13 May 2012

Summer, cold

and I have a summer cold.. I feel utterly dreadful.
and we had an Antiques Market at the Centre today, which was populated largely by the sort of people who say "Oh, you have a sewing machine, you can turn up my trousers"  (Not "can you", you note)
Also pretty dreadful, and we had about 200 people walk through and not a one spent money in the shop..
I could have done without the ones who were too rude to say hello, while short-cutting past me, but hey..
So here's the latest in my Roadkill Series
Oil Spill..
Not all bad, though, John is making curry, Abi is back, and I made some ordered kites... I've been excused evening work, and the fire is laid..
Rant over