Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Week Of Trees - Day Two

Well, so far this has been fun and very productive. I had a nicely peaceful and very sunny day and got lots of quilting done. Yesterday's Pieced tree was made into a cushion (in progress on the machine here and finished above)

I find the preview window in Blogger almost unusable. Any hints about manipulating and arranging images would be gratefully received..

Images here of the quilting in progress on the Hedge piece shown yesterday. I tend to look at the back of the work to see where I have missed bits and to find out if the density is as I like it. (Frequent student question - "have I quilted this enough?" My invariable answer "No")

You will see that I have filled in the black border with an almost invisible quilting pattern (spirals) as I didn't want to detract from the colour. The rest is mostly long straightish lines (done free-motion to keep them loose and a bit wonky) around the Cow Parsley. None of the quilting follows the Hedge print. Quilt is now blocked on the table, as is the Red one from yesterday and my cushion. Very satisfactory.. I also made quite a lot of green tiger blocks for my background idea, photographed a lot of old sewing machine bits for my OSM site (see link) and drank lots of coffee. Tomorrow is a rest day, but I shall think, photograph, and lunch-in-the-pub...

This piece was my favourite from the first lot of hedge prints - the sunset was sort-of-accidental as I was demonstrating something else. I layered this ready to quilt - it will certainly lose a lot of the white edge..

Found 2 pieces of heavy Faux chenille in the box. Just looking...

Finally, the piece from yesterday blocked, trimmed, and ready to bind. It will be finished tomorrow...


  1. Are you using the newer version of blogger? I love your trees. They are absolutely wonderful, to say the least.

  2. I love rhe way your brought forward a few trees into the border!

  3. I love all the space around the trees. I usually do not go for this subject. However, you have given trees a new, vibrant life, even in hibernation.

  4. Helen...wonderful inspiring work.... I can't imagine having time every day for a week to devote to sewing and art. Maybe I'll schedule myself a "vacation" in autumn, when the son is back in school, and just ignore everything else and do something like this!
    Cheers, Sarah


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