Monday, 14 March 2011

Week of Trees, Conclusions, Lessons Learned, and Summation

Well, I have learned a lot this week.  I have learned that just having One Thing To Do is infinitely precious and productive and a lot of fun.  I have learned that Blogger has improved beyond all bounds since I last did much here (the New Editor works!)  I have learned (although I already knew it perfectly well) that not everything that gets started gets finished right away.  But that's a Quilter Thing..
So, today's work was mostly not very photogenic.  I quilted a few blocks on my Forest Of dreams piece - it seems to have settled to Leaves In All Directions.  Matching threads is quite time-consuming - I want minimal input from the thread colour to make the most of the texture.  As I do each block I am making two postcards, so I now have a nice little pile of these

and I sorted and cut and pinned together the bits for all the rest, so that was half an afternoon's worth of messing about which will make life easier for later.  Last of all I made this pocket to put on this nice little hessian bag (I have 10 of these to decorate, in different colours)

Tomorrow I have to clean up, make space for my Teapot Quilt group, and maybe not make any trees at all.

In summary - I will do this again, it's been a really good exercise in concentrating the mind, in focusing the Creative Urge, and in getting things done...

Many thanks to those who have commented on and off the blog.  See you again soon....