Thursday, 10 March 2011

Week of Trees, Day 4 and a Digression

Recipe as promised

Nasty Fish Pie

In the bottom of your two-tier* steamer pan, put one thinly sliced new potato and a reasonable quantity of chopped cauliflower
In the top, put your Accompanying Vegetable (we had carrots)
In another pan, put water, and one or two onions chopped roughly, and a piece of haddock (oak-smoked or plain, not that yellow stuff)

Boil the fish and onions till done (about 5 mins max)
Steam the cauliflower etc till soft

You can use a parsley sauce in this (Sainsbury's instant suits both of us) or just a bit of butter

Drain the fish and put back in the pan. Break it up a bit, add sauce or butter, chuck the cauli on top and lots of grated cheese. Grill till crispy, serve with the other veg

Thoroughly nasty apart from the effects on the body
Pretty low-carb
Gluten free for himself
Spike-free for me
Cats love the plates....

Image is today's Tree Thing - Mike at Oakshott Fabrics sent me three packs of Sunrise - 25 eighths of cotton fabrics in yummy rainbow colours, with a note saying "Make something" So far this has been languishing a bit, but today I'm going to tackle it seriously, starting by rearranging the blocks..

See you later

*Don't have a two-tier steamer? Well you should (or you can boil stuff)