Friday 9 May 2008


I have spent the last few years collecting, fettling, and sending-on sewing machines for a charity that supports self-reliance projects in Africa and elsewhere
Much needed work from 2 perpectives - I hate to see old machines junked, and I do like the idea that someone in some dusty African village is working for their livelihood on a treadle or hand-crank machine very like the one I use every day..

In January, I went to collect a couple of machines from a house in Suffolk. I arrived late in the afternoon, to find a treadle and a handcrank, and no-one to help. And I injured my back. Again. Three times in 3 years is one too many.
I have reluctantly decided to give the machine collecting a rest for a while, and I'm off to see the senior physiotherapist this morning, for a referral for a possible MRI scan, as it isn't healing on its own.

In a way I'm relieved, as it's hard work with little reward apart from the satisfaction, but I will miss the things. Not that I am short of old machines...

And then back to running the Exhibition. Last 3 days, folks, and so far it has been a good one.
Image at the top is a detail from "Ancient and Modem", a piece I made to take to the Quilters' Guild conference this year and am showing in the exhibition. Half green-man, half robot, whole-cloth quilted. The green-man is on old linen, the robot on polyester satin.. £100