Thursday, 28 June 2018

HB doesn't "do" dyes

But she and Heather came over today and seem to have managed somehow

HB's indigoes, washed out and waving nicely in the breeze

I think she gets this..

Left mine washing, will hang them out tomorrow and do more.  Making blue fabrics, threads, and lace for little Textile Art Packs
And I thought I had finished the Procion wash-outs, only to find three buckets lurking in the kitchen, now rinsed and ready to machine-wash in the morning...
Before I went to work, I started on the threads which are ready to wind into little skeins
To do this you need a Swift

and a Cheese Winder

Here shown winding

and the Results...

All ready to wind onto a skein-maker (deeply technical bit of plywood) and make into Stock...
Now, suppertime, feet up, exhausted, like my first indigo dye-bucket. Numbers 2 and 3 going well